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Our Work Areas

Digital Werighbridges

The digital Weighbridge shall comprise of a mechanical platform structure resting freely on Four/Six/Eight/Ten Load Cells. The Weighbridge would be PIT/PITLESS type i.e. at/above the ground level & Can be Extendable upto 24 mt. to the Desired Proportional Capacity 200 mt.

Slow and Medium Speed WIM

As our country's transportation infrastructure ages and reaches the limit of its capacity. Today's traffic volume and limited throughput capacity of existing weigh stations simply will not allow every truck to be weighed statically. Vehicle Weigh in Motion offers just the right solution to the transportation/tolling stations.

Tolling Solutions

Tollman Tolling Solution (TTS), a unique tolling solution which is based on years of research and experience in the field and specifically designed and developed considering key aspects such as “Performance, Security, Featurestic, Simplicity and easy enhancements”. Each and every module is designed and developed with extensive research on current tolling domain’s need and considering Indian conditions/way of working. We have given consideration to each and every possible malfunctioning/pilferage and revenue leakage on a toll plaza and try to cover up all possible loop holes.

Intelligent Transportation System

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) cover any technology applied to transport and infrastructure to transfer information between systems for improved safety, productivity and environmental performance. ITS is an emerging transportation system which is comprised of an advanced information and telecommunications network for users, roads and vehicles. ITS is the integrated application of advanced Technologies using electronics, computers, communications, and advanced sensors. These applications provide travelers with important information while improving the safety and efficiency of the transportation system

Portable Axle Weighbridge

V-TEK AXLE WEIGHER system is a low cost, easy to install and calibrate, accurate and low maintenance cost. AXLE WEIGHER sensors include fiber optical pressure / load sensor, piezo-electric pressure sensors, bending plate and mechanical frame .

The SHT-AXLE WEIGHER-2000 is a 3rd Generation multiprocessor-based intelligent system with distributed control of analog to digital operations The individual cards do the operation of its allocated fields and the combined results are being displayed through man to machine interface unit.

Mechanical Weighbridge

It is "Tollman International who initiated and produced the design & concept in all steel, replacing the casted levers. CI levers being uneconomical have proved unsatisfactory in terms of durability, consistency, over built being strict, hard and brittle which gives away in cases of severe over loading, resulting into complete break down. On the other hand, the complete all steel levers concept have the ability to absorb momentum with minimal deflection.

Rail In Motion(RIM)

Weighing Capacity : 120 T for individual Wagon
Type of Wagon : standard Wagons of Indian Railways
Type of Weighing : Axle
Axle :Load : 45 T (Maximum)
Weighing speed : 15 KM / Hr
Direction of Weighment : Bi Direction
Load Sensors type : Strain gauge , hermitically sealed
Surge protection : In built
Safe over load capacity : 150 % rated capacity
Calibration : Automatic
Increment : Selectable 20 /50 /100 Kg
Accuracy : (+) / (-) 0.5 % for wagon (+) / (-) 0.2 % for complete rake
Power Supply : 230 V , + /- 10 % , single phase 50 Hz

Mobile Weighbridge Roll On

The Mobile weighbridge (Roll on) needs no RCC foundations, just ground level even surface on which the load cell bases rests upon saving time and costs significantly unlike conventional weighbridge foundation and installation which can take upto 1 month until commissioning Weighbridges can also be relocated within a matter of few hours The unique modular retrofit design helps in easy cost effective transportation and re-installation and is expandable considering the ever increasing weighbridge sizes and capacity. Some of our products are :mobile weighbridge, electronic mobile weighbridge, dynamic weighing systems, standard mobile weighbridges, highway weighbridges manufacturer, heavy weighing machine supplier.